Project GRAID Operating Procedures

How we operate on site

With reference to the SDRC 9.8 criteria ‘Operating procedures (including health and safety) written and published on project website and recorded in project file.’ Please find attached the Operating procedures followed on site during the Online Trials for Set up and Removal of the GRAID robotic platform.

Before each document is used, it is reviewed by all parties and signed on to before it is classed as a live operational document. The format of the Safety Critical Task Analysis allows tasks which could cause a safety issue to be highlighted to prevent mistakes, hand overs between teams are also highlighted to ensure they occur correctly.

Both documents were used and refined following the inspections at both Pannal AGI and Bacton Terminal.

GRAID Operating Procedure – Set up and Install Robotic Platform

GRAID Operating Procedure – Remove Robotic Platform and decontaminate