‘Beast from the East’ hits but Offline testing continues!

Not quite March weather.

The acceptance testing of Project GRAID is well underway where the robotic platform is put through its paces following predefined tests and scenarios. The team were in Cumbria at the Offline test rig during the ‘Beast from the East’ storm which saw temperatures plummet, 3 foot snow drifts and difficult conditions on site. Everyone pulled together with the DNV GL test facility team ensuring the site was safe, the GRAID team were even able to get a few tests completed, including driving up the 45 degree incline several times following some recent design changes.

As the storm conditions increased the team were told that site was not safe and like many people during that week were told to work from safety. Showing great team mentality, representatives from both National Grid and Synthotech helped each other to get home safely. As quickly as the snow came, it melted away again and the following week acceptance testing continues with a focus now on the Non Destructive Testing sensors.