Carbon foot printing study

Compare GRAID to other methods

One of the key prerequisites for the Project GRAID submission for the Network Innovation Competition was the ability for the GRAID to save carbon by using the robot when compared to existing methods. Following the successful 1st ‘live’ trial the team were able to collect a lot of information about the inspection itself and how much carbon it might consume to carry out. This can then be compared to existing methods to allow inspection of the same pipework, this includes a battered and a boxed excavation to gain access to the pipes. During this process the carbon cost of a full replacement for brand new pipework was also considered as comparison.

In order to be consistent, the various methods were compared over 40 years and assumed that an inspection would happen every 10 years. The results are looking impressive and the full reports will be supplied to National Grid when approved. Any amount of excavation saved on our sites is an important step to save carbon and reduce the risks on site.