Cleaning GRAID

A very important step in the survey process

Following several meetings and a run through of cleaning GRAID the team at Pressure Force were on hand to clean the robot and tether if required during the survey period. This was key to prevent any contamination and much like a PIG that inspects the pipeline between sites, our robot needed the same process each time it was brought out. Pressure Force are very familiar with this process and were given the challenge of cleaning GRAID which they completed without issue.

Pressure Force were able to develop and build several unique pieces of equipment in a very short time frame that allowed the robot and tether to be cleaned. The first was a ramp that the robot could be driven on and lifted to give access to clean the tracks that were at the bottom. The second was a system to clean the tether by pulling it passed contained jets of water and approved cleaning chemicals. This is all carried out in a bund to enclose the potentially contaminated water and then this is pumped through a filtration system and safely disposed of. This clean was carried out several times during the time at Pannal Offtake and the team learnt a lot about ways to improve for the future. Thanks to their hard work the GRAID robot is clean and ready to be moved to the next trial.