Launch & Receive Vessel

The Project GRAID launch vessel is now complete and on site

One of the key challenges faced by any inline inspection tool is how to gain access to the pipe you want to inspect.

This challenge is amplified at ageing high pressure installations due to the congested nature of the sites and lack of future proofing for access. In order to minimise cost and disruption the team have worked closely with RMA to design and create this purpose built launch and receive vessel


Launch and Receive Vessel

The vessel has been built to house the Umbilical Management System (UMS) supplying power and communications for the high tech camera and NDT system. This well designed cabling system will also enable us to retrieve the robot in the event of any failure. Development of a ‘disaster recovery plan’ has been at the center of the teams objectives prior to commencing our onsite trial at one of the UK’s major reception terminals.