Launch Vessel and Test Rig pressure testing and training

Both get put through their paces

Both the custom built launch vessel for the GRAID robot and the test rig located at the DNVGL facility inside RAF Spadeadam successfully passed their pressure tests this month.

These hydrostatic (using water as the medium) tests were actually carried out up to 150 bar for the launch vessel and 125 bar for the rig which far exceeds the pressures seen within the National Grid Transmission network but proves to the project team that the vessel and rig are ready for GRAID robot testing.

Following the successful pressure tests, a training session was arranged for many of the proposed operatives of Project GRAID from the National Grid Pipeline Maintenance Centre (PMC). This innovation project provides many challenges including operating the launch vessel door mechanism which is not a standard set up in the UK.

RMA who had been appointed to manufacture the launch vessel attended the training session and signed off the attendees in safely operating the door following depressurisation. Thank you to Jean-Claude for making the trip to Spadeadam to provide the training.