Looking towards a 2nd live trial

Lets do it again!

Following the very successful 1st trial of the GRAID robot in ‘live’ gas transmission conditions the team are focusing their thoughts to the next one. A dedicated GRAID connection point has been built on the National Grid site at Bacton Terminal and it is there that the team hope GRAID will be deployed again. We are now working with the site teams to discuss the planned inspection and answer any questions that they might have. We learnt many lessons from the 1st site at Pannal and have attempted to implement any better ways of working ahead of running the robot again.

GRAID will be tasked to explore around 100m of pipework and take some visual footage around the valves for the incoming pipework. This is a fantastic location to use GRAID on as the team will be able to learn a huge amount of information from this section of pipe. Once we have some data from this section of the site it will be fed into the condition model and inferences can be made across the whole site for similar aged pipework.