Offline testing moves into a pressure and flow phase

It’s time to turn on the fans!

Following the successful 100 bar(g) pressure test of the robot in the launch vessel the whole test rig was pressurised and in 10 bar(g) increments was increased to 60 bar(g). During this time the robot was operated and driven around the rig to ensure all systems were working as they should. With those tests completed it will now be time to introduce flow into the rig.

The flow in the test rig is provided by fans installed in one of the spool sections and can be operated from the outside to alter the speeds. Initially the speed will be set to 1.5m/s and then will be increased to 3 and then 5m/s, which doesn’t sound a lot but at 60 bar(g) will provide a significant force. The idea is to check at what point does this flow affect the NDT arm and start to interfere with the readings provided.