One of GRAID’s key milestones passed

Significant moment in the project

On the 3rd May 2018 the GRAID platform was again launched into its bespoke test rig at DNV-GL Spadeadam. The test loop which has been designed and built specifically to put the robotic platform through its paces by subjecting it to pressures up to 70 bar(g) and also up to 5.0 m/s flow.
Significantly though on this day the medium had been changed from nitrogen to 70 bar(g) natural gas. Once GRAID had been launched into the test rig it was then tasked with negotiating the complex geometry of the 36″ pipework with 3.5 m/s of flow. Whilst already operating in these challenging conditions the robotic platform also managed to take wall thickness readings from defect samples that have been strategically placed within the rig.

In February 2018 GRAID was tasked with undertaking an offline acceptance program which was designed to test the integrity of the system and also to see how the robotic platform handled operationally. This will then allow for greater confidence in GRAID prior to being used on live NTS sites, the first of which is planned for mid-June 2018.

The offline acceptance is due to conclude in the coming days and further updates will be given once the program has been completed.

If you would like to speak more about the project please get in touch with either of the National Grid team below:
Josh Blake – Engineering Lead / [email protected]
David Hardman – Project Lead / [email protected]