Online trial locations are vital for Project GRAID

The project has now officially entered the live trials stage

As of the 31st October the Project GRAID team officially passed from Offline to Online trials which are the 9.3 to 9.4 Ofgem stage gates. This is a momentous occasion and although there is still work to complete on the Offline test rig the whole team should be very happy with the achievements to date. As we now enter the Online trials stage focus moves to which live sites will be used by the team that will both supply good data but do not comprise any existing works and the operation of the site.

The Offline test rig at RAF Spadeadam will continue to be used to test and refine the system during the peak winter season and will ensure that when the team arrive on a live gas site they are fully aware of how the robotic platform operates. Look out of the official 9.3 Report and Project Progress Report which will be published on the Project GRAID website.