Our final dry run ahead of ‘live’ trial

Bringing everything together

As it has been a while since the robot was run under pressure and to make sure the whole set up was fully working ahead of our first ‘live’ trial the decision was made to carry out a dry run. This was based at the Pipeline Maintenance Centre (PMC) depot in Derbyshire in their specially designed test bund. Choosing this location allowed the team to take the pressure up to 77 bar(g) with nitrogen in a safe environment and test the robot functionality again. Several key pieces of equipment were coming together as well including the newly painted Launch Vessel, the control cabin and the generator which will be used on site. The out of hours test was carried out on a lovely sunny evening and the pressure was bought up to 77 bar(g) and held for 1 hour. There were no issues recorded and everything worked as it should giving confidence to the team ahead of the ‘live’ trials happening in a matter of weeks.


A large amount of organisation was required for this test including making sure that all of the bits of the jigsaw were bought to the test bund on time and the test was carried out. PMC were on hand to arrange all of this and ensure a successful test. One of the most important parts of this was the GRAID Launch Vessel which had been used repeatedly during the acceptance testing and required a lick of paint. The painting team at PMC completed a full overhaul of the vessel and painted it inside and out to really look the part. Vinyl stickers were also applied to the vessel to show all of the project partners and identify the equipment as being part of the GRAID programme. Thank you for all of the efforts from the team to get this completed on time.