Project GRAID handover pressure test

A chance to check everything was working before handover

In the last week of October, following the Low Carbon Networks & Innovation (LCNI) Conference the GRAID robot was taken to the Pipeline Maintenance Centre (PMC) depot in Derbyshire for its handover pressure test. The test was a great opportunity to activate the robot and apply the same amount of pressure it would see in a live trial following the inspection at Bacton and the changes made during the Delta stage.

The 2 hour, 70 bar(g) pressure test in nitrogen was carried out in the purpose-built test bund at PMC Ambergate and was passed successfully. This was the final stage for the GRAID robot and has now been handed over to the team at PMC to store ready for deployment onto the next inspection. It is important to have everything ready to be deployed as soon as required so that if a GRAID inspection is needed the team and technology can be mobilised without delay.