Project GRAID has finished

The end of the NIC project, but not the end of GRAID

Project GRAID has officially closed signifying the end of the Network Inovation Competion that was started 4 and a half years ago. It has been an incredibly ambitious challenge from the very beginning but I am pleased to say that all of the milestones were complete. The robotic platform was designed, developed, built and tested across the course of the project and the feedback has been very positive.

It has been a huge honour to lead the project. GRAID has been a part of so many people’s lives for the last four years, so thank you for all their hard work and dedication – we would not have been able to achieve the ambitious milestones without you.

Many people said it wasn’t possible at the start but this proves that through collaboration and innovative thinking that even the biggest challenges can become a reality.

The future looks bright for GRAID with an implementation plan over the coming years and also a proposed development to the sensor package to collect a larger quantity and quality of data going forward.

This will be the last regular newsletter regarding Project GRAID however as the future unfolds, updates will be provided to this distribution list. If you are interested in following the GRAID journey or would like to get more information for your own network please get in contact using the below:
mailto:[email protected]

Thank you for following our project and please keep in contact.