Project GRAID now enters the Delta Stage

The final stage of development for our robot

Following the two successful ‘live’ trials at Pannal Offtake and Bacton Terminal there were many ideas of how to improve the robot further based on what we leant on site. The Delta stage was the opportunity to carry out some of these changes before the NIC project concludes in November. Some of the changes that were addressed were:

  • Wiper mechanism
  • UMS Clutch
  • Additional cameras
  • Cleaning jack
  • Software improvements

Each of these areas were highlighted at either Pannal or Bacton as being a challenge and were either addressed in between the trials or have been completed since Bacton. In this way, the next time GRAID is required on site it can benefit from these advancements and overcome the challenges we found on site. A great example of this was the fact that when taking wall thickness readings there was not the ability to see the sensors unless it was in the field of view from the cameras on the side. To combat this the team at Synthotech attached another camera to the rotating arm in between the live trials, so at Bacton we were able to view exactly where the sensors were and also the surface of the pipeline in detail – a massive benefit for the team.