Project GRAID Questionnaire results

Thanks for your help!

Thank you to those who have taken time to answer our GRAID questionnaire on a variety of aspects including the issues that you face and how much you would be willing to pay for a robot/service. We had a really good mix of results and it was very clear that National Grid is not alone in having challenges around unpiggable assets! Results from Network Owners, Operators, Vendors and Consultants all said that this was a topic close to their hearts.

Those who answered were also keen on having a system to view the data on as well and can see the benefits of combining the data from GRAID with other sources to provide a robust view of the network. Others were interested in the future capabilities of GRAID and the potential to change the purpose of the robot using a modular approach.

Results came back from countries such as USA, Canada, Thailand and the UK showing the global demand for inspecting unpiggable parts of a network.

Thank you for all of you who helped, the questionnaire is closed now, however if you have any feedback or would like to speak to the team please use the contact us page.