The GRAID Condition Model report is complete

A significant output for PIE

Since the Online trials and the collection of wall thickness data using GRAID, the team at Pipeline Integrity Engineers (PIE) have started to produce the Condition Model. This extensive piece of work takes all of the existing data sources regarding condition and combines it with GRAID collected data to present a view of the site. The condition of any particular stretch of pipework at an AGI is measured by the time taken in years for the calculated failure frequency of the pipework to exceed an acceptable (threshold) failure frequency limit. Once this has been calculated it can be visualised on a ‘heat map’, comprising of a colour coded 3D model of the site for a high level view of the results.

The model has been designed such that with more data from the GRAID robot or existing sources then the higher the confidence in the results it is presenting. This feeds into the future of GRAID, ensuring that the platform is used on site to provide more data to assist in Asset Health decisions. The full report will be analysed by National Grid engineers and the appropriate actions taken.