Umbilical system joins the 100barg club

This marks a significant milestone for our partners Synthotech

Just last week the Umbilical Management System (UMS) which houses the GRAID tether was put through its 100barg pressure test. This is no ordinary tether though as it contains all of the communications and power requirements from the robot to the control station, allowing a real time feed of wall thickness data to be visualised and collected. The results were successful and mean that the UMS can join the launch vessel and Offline test rig in being pressure tested to the required amount for the project.

In another significant milestone this event marked the highest pressure that a camera system built by our project partner; Synthotech had reached. This is brilliant to see and to be a part of for the team at Synthotech and really shows the advances in understanding that the project partners are making. The cameras will be vital in understanding the operation of the UMS whilst enclosed inside the pressurised launch vessel.