Vessel Pressure Testing

Over a number of weeks various pressure tests will be performed.

This Project GRAID team has begun to conduct a number of pressure tests to ensure integrity and functionality of the robot launch vessel, test rig and the robot itself.

Over a number of weeks various pressure tests will be performed using several pressure mediums.

The first of these tests will see the custom built RMA launch vessel pressurised to 150 Bar(g) using water. This will ensure that the integrity of the vessel has not been compromised during transit after shipping from RMA headquarters in Germany to the Spadeadam test facility.

The second round of tests will involve pressure testing the GRAID robot itself. The robot will be tested in situ within the Launch Vessel which will be pressurised up to 110 Bar(g) using natural gas. This will ensure the integrity of the robot design, particularly in relation to the electronics and NDT arm.

In the final stages of testing we will pressurise the entire purpose built test rig. The rig will be pressurised up to 125 Bar(g) using water as a medium to verify the design and build of the test rig.

Only at this point will we be able to pressurise the test rig using nitrogen at the equivalent pressure of 100 Bar(g) Natural Gas.